Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Dear Billy Graham, Mormonism is still a cult

I thought I'd wait until after the American election before posting this as this is not in anyway politically motivated. I am not American, although I am married to one and love the US and the church there. I also have my theologically differences with Billy Graham but I do respect him and believe God has used him mightily throughout the latter half of the C20th. His achievements should not be dismissed and neither should his love of God. Yet I am really concerned that the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association removed Mormonism off it's list of cults after Mitt Romney visited Dr Graham.

I know that we share similar ethical views with Mormons on marriage (although some Mormons still hold to their original belief in plural marriage), abortion and would share simple moral views on a whole host of other issues so I do understand why Billy Graham felt he could endorse Mitt Romney's campaign to get into the White House yet Mormonism is still a cult because:

It believes God was once a man on a planet and that a good Mormon shall become a God of his own planet and populate his own planet with his many wives. Genesis 3 tells us that it was the Serpent who first suggested to man that he could become a god and he hasn't changed his game.

Mormons do not believe in the Trinity, Elohim was born on a planet and fathered Jesus or Jehovah (this is confusing because they call him by a name of God but He is not Elohim- In Scripture, Elohim and Yahweh are the same, The Father, The Son and the Spirit. In Mormonism Jehovah has a brother and his name is Lucifer, according to Mormonism these were fathered in the spirit world. They felt out when Elohim picked the Mormon Jesus to be the saviour of the World.

They do not believe in the virgin birth instead The Mormon Elohim impregnated baby 'using natural means' Brigham Young. Which 

Of course much worse than any of that is their view of Salvation, Mormons believe that man is basically good so Christ did died to pay for the sins of Adam only. Mormons believe in a sort of universalism, the best Mormons get to be gods of their own planets, the rest go to heaven. They baptise the dead to make non-Mormons into Mormons so they can go to this second class of heaven. They have a system in place that makes salvation obtainable by works, baptism and temple sacrifices (not animal sacrifices).
Paul warned us in Galatians chapter 1 to be aware of even an Angel if it preaches a different Jesus and a different Gospel this applies to the message of Mormonism which was supposed to be delivered by the Angel Moroni. May Mormons come to see the true God and the true gospel and find life.



Jeff Korhorn said...

1. Mormonism follows it's own image of God, so is not following God at all...seeing that God tells us who He is. We worship God on His terms, not Joseph Smith's or even some angel from heaven!
2. Billy Graham has been saying a lot of things that he use not to say. He even said there were many roads to heaven when speaking with Robert Schueler.
3. I want to have grace on BG, so I will attribute these things to his age.
...Good post. And does defrosted mean you can dance?

Tom said...

Mormonism is a cult because it does not believe in the authority of the inerrant, inspired Word of God. If they did, they would know that the LORD is God; there is no other besides him. That's why they have to invent another book to supersede the truth. Also Scripture teaches that you know a false prophet by unfulfilled words of "prophecy"; and we all know about Joseph Smith and Brigham Young!

defrosted.calvinist said...

Is that you Tom my bff? How are you? I think you might be wrong about the Mormons they probably would claim to believe in the inerrant word of God, the Bible. They however don't believe in it's sufficeny so they have other writings and other prophets.

Tom said...

Yes, it's me! My point is in the word "authority": I could have clarified it in the word "only", but it is impossible to actually believe that both books are the Word of God. Why? Because they contradict each other. Though they may teach "The Book of Mormon is the word of God, like the Bible", the Bible does not allow another book to be like the Bible. As indicated in my previous comment, if they did believe in its authority, they would believe that there is only One God, that there is no one besides Him and that no other comes after Him. But because they believe the Book of Mormon is true, they teach that we can become gods, like God. Therefore, this is a rejection of believing in the authority of the Bible. There cannot be sufficiency without complete authority.

I'm good, thanks. How are you?

defrosted.calvinist said...

You are right of course their claim to believe in the Bible is proved false by their further revelations that contradict Scripture. If Joseph Smith had read Galatians 1:8 and believed it then there would be no Mormonism.

Tom said...

Exactly! As they used to say in the milk commercials.

Anyway, your point that they are still a cult, whether or not Billy Graham endorses them or not, is true because of their beliefs contrary to the Bible. It is insane to believe their self-seeking fairy tale, based on a self-fulfilling prophet.

In answer to Jeff's question: you can dance, as long as its not on a Sunday ��